Did you ever asked yourself what you really need to bottle your wine?

Did you it or not, we have the answer; rinsing, filling and corking your bottles in an effective, safe, and simple way. We have the ideal solution for this: a CIAO+ xp monoblock.
Since at BORELLI group we have always been convinced that true innovation is simplifying complex operations and there is not a more functional solution than a machine of the CIAO range, always the best answer to the bottling needs of the small wine estates. And in the xp version we have thought of everything.

Whatever your need for bottling you will find a CIAO+ xp model suitable to meet it. CIAO+ xp implements all the technology of TECNA xp rinsing machines, the great benefits of the new EVO2 filling valves and offers a variety of corking: the new ALEXA S2.0 for natural corck for wine, the new ALEXA V2.0 for aluminium screw cap and the FUTURA FC for crown cork. And if that’s not enough, in multi-system configuration, you can choose two or more corking systems on the same monoblock.
CIAO+, just innovation and technology.


First of all, a solid structure.

The structural solidity of the machine is the result of a very solid chassis of mechanical carpentry completely clad in stainless steel AISI 304. All parts in contact with the liquid are manufactured exclusively in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 with high standard finish to censure highest sterility and long life.


Versatility at your service.

CIAO+ xp offers the best of BORELLI group technology with extreme simplicity. The machine is equipped with conveyor belt, chain and autonomous drive with two alternative configurations: bottle accumulation board at the discharge or lateral conveyor for the connection to your labelling machine. Both of them are standard, the machine is equipped with outlet for the wine feeding pump controlled by level probes and mechanical speed variator or electronical variator, as options.
The basic configuration of the machine allows avoiding complicated installations.

Simplicity of use.

Loading, rinsing, filling, levelling, air pre-evacuation, corking. Everything under control, with simplicity.

  • The bottles are loaded manually directly on the conveyor belt of the machine; the bottle is taken directly by the conveyor belt and sent to the carrousel of the filler.
  • The bottle is withdrawn automatically from the tape and placed under the gripper. The gripper blocks the bottle neck, and rotate it axially 180 degrees, bringing the mouth at the nozzles for the rinse cycle. The next step is to drip. If planned, it’s possible a third phase with nitrogen injection.
  • LEvery bottle is lifted by the EVO cylinders till the filling valve providing to the filling in an efficient, rapid, and safe way.
  • The EVO2 valve is self-levelling and this disregarding the filling system used. Therefore the bottles come out from the filler already perfectly levelled making the application of external levelling device useless, with big spare of product and absolute safety.
  • The filled bottle already perfectly levelled returns on the conveyor belt to be guided in a few seconds to the corker turret. As option, the innovating kit KUV1 for under vacuum corking working with compressed air without vacuum pump is available for more efficient corking with natural cork for wine.
  • The rinsed, filled and corked bottle is discharged from the machine. At this point CIAO+ xp offers two alternatives: an accumulation board to take the filled bottles or a lateral conveyor to reach the labelling machine. Both alternatives are standard and depend on the customer’s choice.


FlessibilitàThe needs of modern marketing impose ever more often the use of many bottle formats. CIAO+ xp has been designed to better meet this important need. It can handle any format used in oenology now on trade. The maximum workable bottle height reaches 410 mm to allow you using even special bottles without any problem. Besides it can work wine corks till the length of 50 mm without substituting any part of the machine in standard version.

Rapid and simple adjustments.

RegolazioniWe know that time is money. We saw also to this, with CIAO+ xp the bottle format change takes less than 5 minutes. The height adjustment of the filler and the corker as well as the change of the starwheels are very rapid, they do not require any special competence and can be performed without using any tools.
CIAO+ xp, a machine designed to be user-friendly.

A safe investment.

Now you will be wondering how much all this would cost: less, much less than you think. We are certain we can offer the best price-effectiveness of the market. We have always committed to search for new solutions and new production processes to increase the quality of our products without remarkable effects on the cost and the sale prices. And it is following this guideline that we could impose our band on the international market and today we can be proud of our production of over 250 machines every year and a number of machines working in continuous growth.

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