FUTURA FC, functional and sturdy.

If you need to close the bottles with crown corks, you can choose the FUTURA FC turret, whose main feature is sturdiness. In fact, it is well known that the closure of crown corks requires sturdy machines to obtain a good closure of the cork and guarantee a long life to the machine. The framework is manufactured completely of stainless steel; the corks are fed through a mechanical hopper and a chute made of laser-cut stainless steel profiles. The closing head is finished with extreme accuracy in all details to guarantee a perfect closure of the cork.

ALEXA C2.0 Simple and economical

The ALEXA corkers range, launched in 2012, has been completed with C2.0, the turret for crown corks. ALEXA C2.0 is the best solution for small productions, in particular in the branch of small breweries and for the producers of classical method sparkling wine.