Non solo dettagli

In the new range we have introduced several improvements… and they are not
mere details.

Mirror polished filling tank.
External and internal surfaces with BA standard finish.

The new open-design lifting system of the fillers.
The system includes the use of stainless steel columns in variable number depending on the size of the machine
(1).The reducer and the mechanisms of the system are located immediately under the tank. This solution allows leaving the cylinder holding carrousel free from any hindrance, so facilitating the washing and cleaning of the machine, with the complete absence of contaminations due to the mechanical parts subject to oxidize.
The new system is available also in electrical version to order (2)

(1) Not available on versions with 6 and 8 valves, and on CIAO line.
(2) Starting from the 16 valve version.

Less plastic.

The supports of the rails, the feet and the handles of the safety guards are of stainless steel. This choice enabled us to reduce the use of plastic dramatically.

More safety.

Hinges of new generation.
To improve the design and the safety standards, the safety guards of all the machines of the new range feature last generation hinges with built-in limit-switch. This product was presented at “Innovation and Design Award 2007” and selected by the jury of “Enermotive” in the “Innovation” category.