Free-standing or built-in corkers up to 2,000 bph

ALEXA line
ALEXA line_2

ALEXA line is the line of automatic corkers produced by BORELLI group, who has always been a leader in the construction of closing systems for small to medium productions. Flexibility, innovation, and technology for machines characterized by a value for money at the top of the market. All ALEXA corkers are available in free-standing version or built in the monoblocks of the CIAO+, CIAO+ xp, COMPACT system and EURO system series.

CIAO+xp multisystem 9/10/1/1

ALEXA V2.0 corker for STELVIN® cap and ALEXA S2.0 corker for natural cork for wine built in monoblock CIAO+ xp multisystem 9/10/1/1.